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Need help using Flash Cookie Cleaner? Find questions and answers to common problems below. Since Flash Cookie Cleaner is a free product, unfortunately we cannot provide free email or phone support.

How to Use Flash Cookie Cleaner

Just open Flash Cookie Cleaner and the program will automatically scan your system for Flash cookies. Once scanned, click "Delete Cookies" to remove them from your system. Before deleting cookies, you may want to add some Flash cookies to your ignore list. You can also click "View Cookies" to examine the cookies or see the directories where they are located. As an added option, you can automate Flash Cookie Cleaner by going into Settings and selecting "Clean Flash Cookies Automatically." This will create a startup task that will clean your Flash cookies on your chosen schedule.

Which Cookies Should I Ignore?

Consider ignoring cookies from: 1) banking sites, 2) online games, and 3) other trusted websites you visit often.

Some Flash cookies can actually be helpful to keep. Some online banking websites leave Flash cookies as an added form of authentication – deleting these cookies might require you to re-authenticate your PC each time you try to log into your account. Some online Flash games also use cookies to store character information, high scores, and game settings – deleting these cookies might bring you back to level one. Flash cookies can also be used to store login information or website settings that might make some sites easier to use or customized for you.

How Often Should I Clean Cookies?

We recommend cleaning Flash cookies at least on a monthly basis, although you might prefer to clean them each week or even every day. Use the Scheduler to automate the cleaning process (in the Settings area).

What are Flash Cookies?

Flash Cookies are small bits of data saved by websites you visit. They can be used to store website settings and info (like Flash game scores), to track website behavior, and to target advertisments. These cookies can reveal what websites you have visited. Also known as PIE (persistent identification element) and LSO’s (local shared objects).

About the Installer

Flash Cookie Cleaner now includes an installer, although previous versions did not. If you use the Ignore List or the Scheduler, Flash Cookie Cleaner will create a few settings files in the following location:

How to Uninstall Flash Cookie Cleaner?

Flash Cookie Cleaner is easy to uninstall through the Windows Add/Remove Programs interface.

On Windows 8, 7 or Vista:

Click Start » Control Panel » Programs » Uninstall a program

On Windows XP:

Click Start » Control Panel » Add/Remove Programs